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Scribe's Work - OD&D-B/X Homebrew (Player) - Pt 1

I just joined a campaign online that's a mix of B/X and OD&D. As you can see I'm joining campaign ! Well let's say that I was players in 5th campaign that just ended as a player, so I decided to try and join now group that play OSR-related content.

Previously the dwarf had found a strange wizard tower with potential treasures and adventure !

Aberdene (Dwarf cleric, Noforra) with two hireling (Cecilia, men-at-arms; Benny, torchbearer)Coates (Elf wizard, Ambrose)Myself (Fighter, Hector)Azer (DM)
So we started by rounding up the group, introducing new characters, dealing with hirelings and so on. My character is an old gravedigger that's fed up of burrying people with loot: might as well die rich than die poor (at least for him).

We strated the travel to the Northwest with the promise of riches from a Wizard Tower that the dwarf had already gotten to. Travel took two days, and we saw ominous clouds in the distance that's part of th…

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