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Jaquaying the Quake Maps - Analysis of Quake 1 and 2 Maps (PART II)

(for those of you just joining us, see my Part I on Quake I)

Outer Hangar map


Quake 2 Preface

Before going on with the analysis, let's speak a few words. Quake 2 is generally considered an inferior FPS to Quake 1 in single player for multiple reasons. Some even consider its multiplayer weaker too. That being said, I'm taking a look only at the level design. My initial feeling will be that levels will be more complex because the engine offers more and they were more mature about it. Lastly, most of the levels are much shorter (I'm guessing because of processing/rendering concerns), so it is more difficult sometimes to grade them hence I was more generous. 

There are a lot of "hidden" (not hidden that much but still...) alternate paths, so keep in mind my Secret category also cover those. I'm saying this because the secrets in Quake 2 are much smaller in scope so people might be asking themselves why some maps have the Secret point if that is so. 


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