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Basic Treasure Generation

TreasureTo determine the amount of treasure that can be found in a monster’s hoard or when you create a dungeon and have a treasure as a result (see below the creation of a dungeon), roll 2d6 thrice by adding the level of the dungeon to each result. One is for coins, the other is for non-coins treasures (such as arts and gems) and the last is to determine the chance of obtaining magical item. Outdoor lairs count as a level equal a level one. Civilized treasure or stronghold treasure, such as a merchant’s loot, is equal to a level two dungeon. 

On a double, you can add a small magical consumable, such as a Dust of appearance/Disappearance, Potion of Healing, etc. 

2d6 Coins Gems/Objects Bonus on the Magic Item Type 2 - 6 Nothing Carved Bone/Ivory/Jade Statuette (25 GP)
6 5d10 Small Gold Bracelet (50 GP)

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